Ariadne and Dionysos, Attic red-figure volute-krater


In the presence of Ariadne and Dionysos, reclining on a kline with a small winged Himeros, members of the chorus, masked or holding masks, join a pipes player, Pronomos, seated 'below'. Above, to the right of the couple, 'Herakles' talks to 'Papposilenos' – Pappa Satyr. Below a nude youthful man sits on a stool, Demetrios, the author of the satyr play to be performed, holding the text in a 'book roll'. Dionysos holding a lyre and Ariadne a blazing torch glide through a rocky terrain peopled by satyrs in dance poses, maenads, a panther and Eros holding cymbals.
Attic red-figure volute-krater
Naples, Museo Nazionale Archeologico

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