The bandaged eyes of Death are a clear symbol it mows everybody, without making any difference


This work was carried out by an unknown artist of the 17th century. Death is often represented with a horse, a musical instrument, or with a bow and arrows, but also sometimes with a scythe; this drawing unites the last two characteristics, which is rather rare. The bandaged eyes of Death are a clear symbol: it mows everybody, without making any difference. It is difficult to determine to which sex this androgyne silhouette belongs - is this a delicate man or an athletic woman? Another thing on this picture is strange: Death is seldom represented as a human being showing apparently no sign of decomposition. The artists of that time used to prefer skeletons, rotting corpses, and other beauties of that kind, which were undoubtedly much more efficient in transmitting the feelings of fear and horror.

La Mort dans l'Art   

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