Lethal Gas Chamber. Salem, Oregon, USA 1938


 Lethal Gas Chamber. Salem, Oregon, USA 1938
Original caption: Efficient Lethal Chamber Replace Noose in Oregon. This lethal chamber has replaced the hangman's noose as a means of execution at the Oregon Penitentiary, at Salem. Death comes quickly and cheaply in this octagon-shaped metal box provided with five bullet proof windows for observation. When the executioner pulls the lower lever near the chamber's window, cyanide eggs placed beneath the doomed person's chair are spilled into a crock containing a solution of sulphuric acid. Deadly cyanide gas generated by the combination causes the prisoner to loose consciousness in 30 seconds. Death occurs within four minutes. After the execution is over, the manipulation of the upper lever expels the gas from the chamber through a vent 40 feet above the prison roof. Guards wearing gas masks enter and remove the body. The cost of the deadly gas is less than a dollar per execution.


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