Shiva battling a demon


Kailasanatha Temple Sculptures. Kanchipuram, India
Exquisite relief carving of Shiva battling a demon recessed into a niche in the temple wall. Mythical lion-like beasts with elephant trunks are sculpted into the pillars. It's the only temple in Kanchipuram to retain pure Pallava characteristics. Others were modified by the later Chola and Vijayanagara kings. The temple is covered with sculptures and reliefs dedicated to Lord Shiva



Relief sculpture of Shiva's dance in the elephant skin


Shiva Sculpture of Ellora Cave 29, India
Relief sculpture of Shiva's dance in the elephant skin. Following Shiva's battle with an elephant demon, he flayed and wore the elephant's skin as a shawl. The story illustrates Shiva in a wrathful manifestation, an appropriate relief to guard the entrance to Dhumar Lena, Ellora Cave 29


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